InfoSec Awareness Training’s Missing Ingredient: Internalization

By Chris Griggs, Founder and CEO Internalization. It is the process of consolidating ideas and concepts into one’s very self-identity. I tend to think of internalization as a measure indicating a concept has been learned and prioritized in such a way that it becomes an ever-present factor in decision making. When it comes to information security […]

Security Clearances

5 Reasons You (and Your Employees) Need Security Clearances

By Chris Griggs, Founder and CEO Security clearances are not something that the average business person knows much about. If you ask some random employees what they think a security clearance is, you will probably hear words like secret agents, assassins, and Area 51.  In their minds, security clearances are for people like James Bond. Not […]

infosec responsibility

Turn Your Employees into InfoSec Soldiers

By Chris Griggs, Founder and CEO In my early days in the Army, I heard something that I would never forget. I was in boot camp and a fellow recruit was having a difficult time qualifying with his M-16. In obvious frustration, this young soldier opined that weapons qualification should not apply to him, as he […]