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What is the Aegis Clearance?

The Aegis Clearance is a comprehensive approach to address “insider” information security threats in business.  It is modeled after the government's security clearance and improved and adapted for business.  The Aegis Clearance is a holistic approach that includes an industry-standard assessment of risk, a system of verification for that assessment, a dispersion of risk ownership, and an avenue for recourse.    The program consists of rigorous screening (to help eliminate those with higher-risk of malicious intent), training, testing, a practicum, and an oath to ensure those who obtain their Aegis Clearance become an employer's information security champions, beyond the IT department.   Clearance holders will be accountable for identifying, assessing and preventing security risks for a company at a grassroots level.  Aegis Clearance holders are verified through a centralized adjudication system.

Aegis Clearance Benefits for the Business

Think of all the people in your organization who have access to sensitive information.  You've probably considered your IT team and your executive team already, but what about your administrative assistants, marketing team, sales team, etc.?  In fact, nearly everyone in your organization has access to some information that could potentially harm the company (trade secrets, pricing, competitive advantages, customer lists, organizational structure, etc.).  Benefits of obtaining the Aegis Clearance for your employees include:

Reduces risk of unintentional insider data loss

An employee with the Aegis Clearance will give you assurance that the cleared professional possesses the necessary skills and motivation to identify factors that pose a security risk to the successful operation of your organization. These individuals will also be able to develop and implement technical, operational, and procedural safeguards to manage those risk factors.

Creates a grassroots team of information security champions (beyond IT)

Clearance holders become your organization's information security champions, and are the grassroots leadership force that will protect your organization from unwanted and costly accidental security breaches by identifying and understanding risks, and what steps to take to mitigate them.

Reduces risk of malicious insider threats

The Aegis Clearance provides intensive evaluation to screen out overtly risky employees, and is only awarded to those who pass our rigorous standards. Having the clearance also gives an employee who might be at risk of becoming malicious in the future some incentive for not breaching. In the event that you have a malicious employee who had obtained the Aegis Clearance, you have a stronger case for recourse (see below).

Provides an avenue for recourse

Think you're protected by the company's NDA? Think again. The only protection that an NDA may offer is from the malicious employee, and even with an NDA it can be difficult to successfully seek recourse if that's the only safeguard you've implemented. Can you really prove that the employee understood what they signed? You must be able to prove you've taken every precaution possible if you need to seek damages in the case of an employee-caused data breach. In the event that an individual is awarded an Aegis Clearance and has malicious intent afterward, there is still benefit to the employer. Think of the Aegis Clearance like a credit score, or a medical license. With a credit score, the individual is incented to stay in good standing so he is able to qualify for better interest rates, finance purchases, etc. With a medical license, the physician is bound by training and oath he has undergone not to cause harm. Should a Aegis Clearance holder receive verified complaints, his Clearance may be revoked. The employer has a stronger case for seeking damages and recourse because by having that employee complete an Aegis Clearance, there is proof that the employee intentionally violated information security practices, made a vow not to act maliciously, and did so anyway. The employee loses his Clearance, loses his job, and may receive criminal charges and/or be forced to pay retribution.

Provides immediate Return on Investment

Available exclusively to our business clients, the Aegis Clearance Practicum ensures businesses see an immediate ROI through identification and solutions for existing risks within the organization. The business can implement the solutions to reduce risk and feel assured that their employees have truly become information security champions.

Provides a competitive advantage

Your employees likely know something about your customers that could be considered sensitive information, and could cause problems should it be leaked. Having your team obtain their Aegis Clearance has benefit transference to your customers. You can show that your team has received screening and training to handle sensitive information, which may be a major advantage for you over your competitors when competing for business. Your current clients are also more likely to stay clients knowing their information is safe in your employees hands.


About the Aegis Clearance

  • Step 1. Screening:  Every applicant is informed and consents to a drug screen, reference check, applicant interview screen and criminal background check.  Aegis Clearance has developed rigorous standards that applicants must meet in the screening process before they are allowed to move forward.   If the applicant fails the screening, he will not proceed to additional steps and will receive a notification.   Applicant may re-apply in 1 year.
  • Step 2. Training:   Training is online and self-guided.  There are 15 lessons which take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  Each lesson requires passing a progress check test before moving on to the next module.  After all lessons are complete, there is a comprehensive final exam.
  • Step 3.  Exam:  The final exam is presented after all training modules have been completed and all progress check tests have been successfully passed.  Applicant will have two chances to pass the final exam before receiving a non-complete notice.   Applicant may re-apply after a 3 month waiting period.
  • Step 4.  Practicum:  The practicum is exclusively available for our business clients who purchase Aegis Clearances for employees.  After completing steps 1-3 of the Aegis Clearance, applicants may complete an assignment to implement information security best practices, champion information security best practices to their colleagues and/or management team, etc.  Once completed, the practicum must receive approval/sign-off by the employee's immediate supervisor. The practicum ensures businesses see an immediate ROI and is an enforcement that their employees have truly become information security champions.
  • Step 5.  Oath: The applicant signs a written oath statement to abide by and champion information security practices.
  • Clearance renewal:  The Aegis Clearance is valid for 2 years, and must be renewed to remain valid.


Aegis Clearance Pricing

  • Initial clearance pricing*:  $599 per clearance
  • Renewal pricing*:  $399 per clearance, every 2 years

*Price is non-refundable in the event that applicant fails the screening process or final exam.


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