For Individuals

What is the Aegis Clearance?

Data loss is a hot topic and costs companies millions every year.  Most people think of hackers or other outsider threats when they hear about a data breach, but that's not always the case.  In fact, 31% of the incidents that cause data loss are from accidental employee negligence or error and could have been prevented.  The Aegis Clearance is a comprehensive approach, modeled after the government's security clearance and adapted for business.  It helps you learn to identify and prevent behaviors that could cause unintentional security breaches for your employer.   The program consists of screening, training, testing, and an oath to uphold the standards of an information security champion.  You will learn to prevent security risks for your company and champion information security practices at a grassroots level.


Clearance Benefits for the Individual

Protect yourself from unintentional data loss for your employer

You don't want to cause your employer to lose millions of dollars, or customers, or to receive bad publicity. You certainly don't want to face what that might mean for your career. You will learn how to identify factors that pose a security risk to the successful operation of your company. You will learn how to develop and implement technical, operational, and procedural safeguards to manage those risk factors.

Professional Growth

Employees who dedicate themselves to continuing education initiatives may be held in higher esteem by their employers. Taking the initiative to protect yourself and your company from unintentional data loss increases your value to the team, no matter which department you work within. You can become your company's information security champion, leading the knowledge sharing efforts and helping your employer save money, customers, and even their reputation.

It belongs to you

Your Aegis Clearance belongs to you, and will move with you no matter where you go to work.

Gives you a competitive advantage

In today's competitive environment, you need to stand out. Sure, your skills, experience and cultural fit with a prospective employer are hugely important. But what if you are up against 3 other other candidates with similar backgrounds? Your Aegis Clearance shows your potential new employer that you care not only about your job, but about the business, and that you possess valuable knowledge that may be missing from the team in protecting the company from data loss.

About the Aegis Clearance

  • Step 1. Screening:  You will be given a detailed informational overview of our screening process (including what may cause disqualification) which you must consent to participate in to proceed.  It includes a drug screen, reference check, applicant interview questionnaire and criminal background check.  Applicants must pass the screening process before they are allowed to move forward in the process.   If an applicant fails the screening, he or she will not proceed to additional steps and will receive notification of where the failure point occurred.   Any applicant who did not pass screening may re-apply in 1 year.
  • Step 2. Training:   Training is online and self-guided.  There are 15 lessons which take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  Each lesson requires passing a progress check test before moving on to the next lesson.  This ensures you are retaining the information necessary to pass the final exam.
  • Step 3.  Exam:  The final exam is presented after all training modules have been completed and all progress check tests have been successfully passed.  You will have two chances to pass the final exam.  If both chances result in a non-pass, you will receive a non-complete notice.   If this happens, you may re-apply after a 3-month waiting period.
  • Step 4.  Oath: You will sign a written oath statement to abide by and champion information security practices.
  • Clearance renewal:  The Aegis Clearance is valid for 2 years, and must be renewed to remain valid.


Aegis Clearance Pricing

  • Initial clearance pricing*:  $599 per clearance
  • Renewal pricing*:  $399 per clearance, every 2 years

*Price is non-refundable in the event that applicant fails the screening process or final exam.


Get Your Aegis Clearance

Starting the process is easy.  You may purchase your clearance securely online with a major credit card.